BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — Everyone remembers school lunches, and for some those aren’t necessarily good memories, but soon that could change for students.

Chartwells Food Service is asking students to taste-test a few potential additions to the lunch menu.

“We want kids to have a say with what’s on the menu,” said Chartwells Community Engagement Specialist Stephanie Werchan. 

The school lunch dining experience is about to change for Bay District School students. Beginning Friday, Chartwells held the first of what will be regularly scheduled food sampling sessions. The first session took place at Bay High’s cafeteria. The goal is to provide more healthy and happy alternatives.

“We heard a lot last year that we get the same thing, we get the same thing, we get the same thing. We want to make that more exciting for them,” said Werchan.

Students have two sandwich options, one being Nashville hot chicken and the other being a turkey and swiss on pretzel bread. After students try both, they can vote on their preferred choice.

Bay High Sophomore Michelle Brown is excited about these options.

“Well, it actually looks good,” said Brown. “It’s as if your mom were to make a sandwich and pack it, yea it is something like that.”

But Chartwells initiatives will go past just working with high schools.

“In the elementary schools, we are bringing mood boosts, trying to tell them what food affects their moods in what ways,” said Werchan. “Does it make you happy, or does it make you more alert?”

With a vote of 60% to 40%, students chose the Nashville hot chicken sandwich. 

“The chicken sandwich one, yeah it was, the meat was good,” said Brown.

Next quarter, Arnold High School will have the Student Choice Option.