LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — A trial originally set for November has been pushed back again in the wake of a new superseding indictment in the Lynn Haven corruption case.

If the trial moves forward on its new date of February 21 that will make it almost two years since Lynn Haven business owner James Finch was first indicted on bribery charges. Former Lynn Haven mayor Margo Anderson will be tried with him. She was initially indicted in August 2020.

Anderson and Finch’s defense team have successfully whittled down the case against the pair to five charges. Anderson and Finch together face a conspiracy charge and Anderson faces a separate bribery charge. Finch is separately accused of bribery and lying to the FBI.

During a Monday morning hearing, Judge Mark Walker asked the defense and prosecutors to set a schedule for more motions, responses, and his eventual rulings before the Feb 21 trial. Finch’s attorney, Guy Lewis, also indicated that he wanted to argue those motions in person before Judge Walker.

Walker granted a similar hearing in March, on the understanding that it would take a few hours or at most a day. Instead, it took three days.

Meanwhile, prosecutors declined to say whether or not they plan to pursue Anderson on charges related to other aspects of the case. Anderson and Finch’s attorneys successfully argued that Anderson and Finch should not be tried together on two alleged criminal conspiracies.

When prosecutors filed their new superseding indictment those charges were left out.

“We have an assumption baked into the timeline and that can be dangerous I know … that Anderson will not be defending on a parallel track charge or charges related to Worldclaim or the property clean-up issue,” said Robert Vezina, Anderson’s attorney.

Those charges involve Hurricane Michael clean-up and an alleged bribe from an insurance adjusting firm that did not involve Finch.

“I don’t think we have yet determined when to present those charges and the form of them as an office at this time,” said Prosecutor Andrew Grogan.

Sentencing for the other defendants in the case is expected after the trial concludes. So far, former City Manager Mike White, former City Attorney Adam Albritton, former Leisure Services Director David Horton, and three individuals who did work for the city have pleaded guilty in the case. Former City Commissioner Antonious Barnes pleaded guilty in a separate matter but is expected to testify that Finch bribed him.