SOUTH WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Washington County commissioners have a new proposal to reduce flooding in the southern end of the county.

This comes after running out of money to fuel the pumps around Piney Grove Road.

The commissioners’ new plan involves bigger pumps.

“We’ll utilize the same path with the same strategy that we have thus far with the smaller pumps that we have in place,” County Chairman Tray Hawkins said. “It’ll just be a larger scale operation that we’d hope would generate more movement of water and getting the lake down close to a normal level.”

The plan also includes hiring a new contractor. One the commissioners doesn’t want to name yet.

The county still needs the state to fund the plan.

Hawkins said their proposal will be in the state’s hands Wednesday.

“If there’s anything that we can do to strengthen our partnerships as the state works with our federal counterparts, we want to do that because we want these folks to find some relief as soon as possible,” State Representative Brad Drake (R) said.

Drake said it’s just a matter of accessing the money.

“My understanding is that there is some CARES Act money that has been provided through, or that may be available through the Federal Government. It’s just, I think we have to provide certain documentation and they have to approve our request.”

Drake said if FEMA releases the money, then they can move forward with the county’s plan.

He said he’s hopeful the federal government will realize the urgency of the situation and act quickly.