New communication system coming to Jackson County Correctional Facility


Some new technology is being installed at the Jackson County Correctional Facility to help inmates communication with the outside world, a little easier.

Jail officials said the technology could also help make the jail safer.

A new form of communication is in the works for the Jackson County Correctional Facility.

One that average citizens take for granted, everyday.

The system will allow for inmates to send eMessages to the public through an electronic device.

“It’s just another means of communication,” said Mark Foreman, jail administrator. “Just two years ago all we had was just regular U.S. Mail, aside from the inmate visiting which was only an hour a week.”

The eMessaging option will be available from six p.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.

Allowing more frequent communication opportunities.

“This is going to help inmates establish and maintain family ties particularly as they approach release dates,” said Foreman.

As well as being able to communicate with possible, future employers.

“We want all inmates to release back into the community to have a successful outcome, so that they can obtain gainful employment,” Foreman said.

Those who use the system will be responsible for paying for the messages they send.

“The public and the inmates, they’re going to be paying fifty cents a message in order to communicate,” said Foreman.

Which is no more than what it costs to mail a letter.

Chief Foreman said by decreasing the amount of mail intake, the jail will ultimately be safer.

“Sometimes unfortunately, the U.S. Mail is used for contraband introduction and that poses a threat and a danger to inmates and staff alike,” said Foreman.

Chief Foreman said the new system should be in place by the end of April.

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