Callaway, Fla. (WMBB) —The news might have gotten lost in all the primary election excitement, but Callaway appointed a new city Commissioner Tuesday Night.

Kenneth Ayers was unanimously selected from a field of four applicants.

Ayers said he knows the importance of Tyndall Air Force Base. He served there, loved the area, and decided to stay after he retired. He believes Tyndall will continue to be the driving force of Callaway’s future growth.

“You know the Air Force has always been a big part of our community and the base is going to get much bigger.” Ayers said, “And of course, those are going to be younger persons that are going to live in the community.”

When Ayers first moved to Callaway 31 years ago, he said the city had far less of a young population, but he believes that is changing.

“Callaway being a young city is just going to get younger and be vibrant and I’m really excited about that,” Ayers said.

He believes it is important for the city to focus on attracting new businesses.

“Maybe more of a younger nightlife would be nice to have here, we don’t have any, I think, at the moment.” Ayers said, “But we do have good support as far as the basics and things but id like to see that grow more.”

Ayers also wants to make sure the city takes care of its employees. Making sure their salaries are competitive and they are able to stay ahead of inflation. He plans to focus on working with the citizens on solving any issues they may have.