MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — Development of the Endeavor property in Marianna is finally underway.

City and county officials are excited to welcome a new aluminum manufacturing company to the area.

“This is hopefully will be the anchor, the starting point for the industrial park development which is in the area where we are constructing the road, developing the water, sewer, and gas,” Marianna City Manager Jim Dean said. “Again it will be redundant but at the same time, this will be the anchor of something that will grow into multiple businesses in that area.”

The Endeavor property is where the Dozier School for Boys once sat, but former Florida Governor Rick Scott gave the property to Jackson County a few years ago.

“The intent of taking possession of the property the whole time was to try and develop the property and turn it into something positive for our community and for our county,” Dean said.

Dean says this first business, dubbed Project Blue Sky, is just a small piece of the puzzle. The development will take up about 10 acres of the more than 1,300 acres of the Endeavor property.

The city of Marianna received $2.5 million in Rural Infrastructure Fund Grant money to extend water, sewer, gas, and roadways.

“It literally paves the way for future development out there,” Jackson County County Administrator Wilanne Daniels said. “While this is the first thing that’s going to be erected when that next business comes along needing land, we have water sewer all the things ready to connect and to just build a building and so it removes a lot of the obstacles we often have when we are trying to attract a business.”

Another $4.6 million in grants will go towards the construction of the spec building, which should be about 40,000 square feet.

The business should bring 40 to 50 jobs to the area.

Dean said he hopes to see a combination of commercial, industrial, and residential development in that area, which will sit off Highway 276 just north of the I-10.