New Bill in the Florida Senate Could Make HPV Vaccinations Mandatory for Students


Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV, infects as many as 14 million new people each year. Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would require all public school students to be vaccinated against HPV.

“My daughter is 16 and she has been vaccinated. My son is 11 and he will be vaccinated as well,” said Amy Seal.

There’s no question in Seal’s mind that she will give her children the HPV vaccination. It’s a vaccination that she said could have saved her husbands life. 

“My children would not be fatherless and I would not be a widow at the age of 43,” said Seal.
According to the CDC, 80 million Americans are infected with HPV. HPV is a sexually transmitted virus which can cause cervical cancer and various diseases in both men and women. Florida lawmakers want to make the vaccine a requirement for all 11 and 12-year-old boys and girls who at that age, are likely not yet sexually active. 

But it hasn’t come without push back from people with moral objections or who don’t believe the government should force vaccinations. 

“What’s in it? What’s it going to do to these poor little girls and boys? Parents should be informed what’s in this vaccine,” said Wendy Callahan with the Florida Chapter of the Vaccination Liberation. 

People also claim they’ve suffered side effects from the vaccine, from mild reactions all the way up to  death.

“Honestly I haven’t seen any side effects to the HPV vaccine. Officially, you could have an injection site reaction, some swelling, redness, an allergic reaction but it’s so uncommon that neither me or my partners have ever seen a reaction,” said Obstetrician Gynecologist with All About Women OBGYN, Steven Smith, M.D.

According to the CDC most people infected with HPV don’t know they have it and can show no symptoms. If lawmakers pass the “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act” bill it would become law July 1st.

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