Nestor leaves heavy winds and rough surf over in Franklin County


ST. GEORGE ISLAND, Fla. (WMBB)–Tropical Storm Nestor shook Franklin County as it made it’s way inland from the Gulf.

“You know you weren’t very much at ease because it made you nervous because you didn’t know what it was gonna do,” said Susan Smith, a tourist visiting St. George Island.

Less than 24 hours later and the County is still experiencing Nestor’s impacts.

Rough water and heavy winds were still felt Saturday afternoon. Many residents say they’re glad they took the storm seriously.

“They gave us a warning that we needed to evacuate the bay area, I took it seriously. I’ve seen the damage from the hurricanes and what the tropical storms can do and obviously an RV or a camper is not the place to be,” said Eric Hawkins, a mobile homeowener who was ordered to evacuate.

Mobile homeowners were not the only ones concerned, so were those staying on the coast.

“The winds were treacherous and the house was shaking and the water surge was about 5 feet so we were worried about our cars,” said Connie Smith who rode out the storm on the coast.

Luckily, the storm didn’t end up doing catastrophic damage.

But over at the beach, waves Saturday afternoon were still extremely rough–contributing to storm surge and flooding. While some streets are still filled with water, many residents were out enjoying a break from the storm.

“Its more calm, quite a bit more calm than it was last night and people are out in their cars and were just walking but its calm. Its getting more calm than it was,” Susan Smith said.

All Franklin County beaches are still closed. Due to rough waters, rip-currents are likely these next few days

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