Neighbors of Andrew Pace Testify in first day of Trial

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - After waiting two years for a trial, Andrew Pace, the man accused of raping a juvenile and several other men is in front of a judge and jury. 

He was arrested back in 2016 when neighbors saw a naked boy run from Pace's home.

It was an emotional first day of testimony as the neighbors who saw the events transpire that day back in May, spoke on what they saw for the jury. The two women recalled the victim allegedly running from the home and screaming for help. 
"Is it safe to say this is a night that you'll never forget," said the Prosecuting attorney to witness, Rebecca Kildow. 

"Oh I'll never forget it," said Kidlow, the neighbor who called police. 
A neighbor was just checking her mail when the unexpected happened. 
"We looked up and we saw this young man. He was upset, he was crying and asking for help," said Neighbor, Jessica Hughson. 
A naked teen was screaming for help in the Delwood Point neighborhood. Witness sayhe had come from Andrew Pace's home. 

"A child came out of the house with no clothes on, crying hysterically and asking for help, please help me, help me, I have been raped, please help me," said Kildow. 

Investigators searched Pace's home. They found restraints said to match the marks on the victim's ankles. The victim said to neighbors he had been tied up for three days. The defense stating that was a delusion. 
"His selected memory is not necessarily contributed to my clients behavior, but more so his own behavior. That will come out I think when he takes the stand," said Defense Attorney, Stan Peacock. 
Neighbors however, stand by the victim's accusation stating that Pace is the culprit. 

"We knew there was something wrong. Something terrible had happened," said Hughson. 
Officials say the victim had drinks with Pace in his home the day of the incident. Toxicology reports came back showing alcohol laced with diazepam, which is a type of sedative.

That's evidence the state said can prove the victim was drugged by Pace. The state has concluded with their witnesses Tuesday afternoon, and the defense will call their witnesses Wednesday morning. 

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