PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)–The Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Lucian Niemeyer paid a visit to NSA Panama City on Monday.

“The goal is to fill up my notebook, bring it back to D.C., continue to work on behalf of this region to be able to solve some of the problems we’re facing right now,” said Niemeyer.

Niemeyer, along with Congressman Neal Dunn, was briefed on where the base stands post-storm. The two leaders took a tour of the facility as they look ahead.

“There are some critical missions here and there are some critical new missions here that are growing,” said Congressman Dunn.

New missions that the Navy wants to bring to fruition right here in Panama City.

“The Navy is really looking at the future of unmanned systems and NSA Panama City is really standing at the forefront of that and supporting that,” Niemeyer said.

Congressman Dunn says NSA PC is a promising choice for the Navy’s plans.

“We have majors in the colleges right across the bridge that help generate the kind of staff, training, and skill levels to work in those areas,” Congressman Dunn said.

Niemeyer says the Navy received significant funding from Congress for 2020. His visit will help decide how those dollars are spent.

“We’ve got some decisions to make and ultimately facilities to repair on the base vs new construction,” Niemeyer said.

Niemeyer will take what he learned and share it with Congress, advocating on behalf of the Panhandle.