TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A new rental data report from Zumper showed that while Tampa’s rank among most expensive cities was down two spots but still made it into the top 25 most costly places to rent in the United States. Four Florida cities were in the top 25 nationally, according to the ranking.

Tampa was ranked the 23rd most expensive city to rent in across the country, with a one bedroom apartment rent hovering at $1,650, and two bedroom prices at $1,910 per month. While the monthly payments for a two bedroom place fell about 0.4%, it’s still placed high when it comes to cost.

According to the data from Zumper, Tampa rental prices are hundreds of dollars higher than the rest of the U.S., though not as much as other Florida cities. Zumper said, by comparison, that the national one-bedroom rent remained flat at $1,491, while two-bedrooms fell 0.4% to $1,824.

Compared to Tampa, the Zumper report, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando all sit multiple spaces above Tampa, and none of them dropped down the list.

Instead, Miami remains one of the most expensive places to rent in the country, a solid 19 spaces above Tampa, at No. 4, with one bedroom rent averaging $2,660 and two bedroom rent averaging $3,480. It even rose one space from its previous rank of No. 5.

Further down the list, Fort Lauderdale rounds out Zumper’s top 10, with one bedroom rent at $2,120 and two bedroom rent at $2,970. Orlando comes in at No. 20, with rent just slightly above Tampa’s level.

To rent in Orlando, Zumper reports average costs at $1,690 per month for a one bedroom, and $1,970 per month for a two bedroom, while St. Petersburg is a few spaces under Tampa, at $1,530 for a one bedroom. However, the St. Pete two bedroom monthly rent is actually higher, at $2,180 per month, according to Zumper’s data.

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville were three of Zumper’s top five rent cost risers, for month-over-month rent increases.

RankRank ChangeCity1 BedroomM/MY/Y2 BedroomsM/MY/Y
10New York, N.Y.$3,790-1.80%19.20%$4,4202.80%27.00%
20Boston, Mass.$3,000-2.00%21.50%$3,450-1.40%17.30%
21San Francisco, Cali.$3,000-0.70%7.10%$4,000-1.50%5.30%
41Miami, Fla.$2,6606.00%22.60%$3,4802.40%21.30%
5-1San Jose, Calif.$2,540-2.30%10.00%$3,140-2.80%11.70%
60San Diego, Calif.$2,5000.00%15.70%$3,2100.00%19.30%
70Los Angeles, Calif.$2,4300.80%10.50%$3,3000.00%11.10%
80District of Columbia$2,300-0.40%4.10%$3,1300.30%6.10%
90Oakland, Calif.$2,2301.40%9.90%$2,8001.10%3.70%
101Fort Lauderdale, Fla.$2,1206.00%10.40%$2,9701.70%12.90%
11-1Santa Ana, Calif.$2,020-6.00%8.00%$2,8804.00%9.50%
120Seattle, Wash.$1,930-1.50%9.70%$2,650-3.60%13.70%
121Anaheim, Calif.$1,930-1.00%7.20%$2,6404.30%15.30%
141Scottsdale, Ariz.$1,9000.50%6.70%$2,5000.00%-6.40%
151Chicago, Ill.$1,8702.20%23.00%$2,2501.80%25.00%
16-2Providence, R.I.$1,810-5.20%16.00%$1,860-5.10%0.00%
170Urban Honolulu, Hawaii$1,8000.00%10.40%$2,4003.40%6.70%
18-1Long Beach, Calif.$1,770-1.70%6.00%$2,4200.00%7.10%
190Nashville, Tenn.$1,700-2.90%9.70%$1,8201.10%9.60%
205Orlando, Fla.$1,6904.30%9.70%$1,9704.20%17.30%
212Austin, Texas$1,6801.20%13.50%$2,080-1.40%13.00%
22-2Denver, Colo.$1,670-2.90%2.50%$2,250-2.20%2.30%
23-2Tampa, Fla.$1,650-2.40%6.50%$1,910-5.90%3.80%
24-2Atlanta, Ga.$1,620-3.60%-3.60%$2,170-2.70%-0.90%
251Chandler, Ariz.$1,590-0.60%6.70%$1,890-0.50%3.30%
26-2Gilbert, Ariz.$1,570-4.30%-3.70%$1,8200.00%-6.70%
270Sacramento, Calif.$1,560-1.90%-1.30%$1,9000.00%0.00%
283Portland, Ore.$1,5402.70%2.70%$1,7901.10%2.30%
29-1St. Petersburg, Fla.$1,530-2.50%-5.60%$2,1803.80%4.30%
303New Orleans, La.$1,5204.80%1.30%$1,8000.00%-2.70%
(Source: Zumper)