Acadiana training officers show what procedures should be followed while making an arrest

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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The FBI is investigating the death of a 46-year-old man in Minnesota after a video was released showing Minneapolis police kneeling on the man’s neck during an arrest.

At the Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy in Lafayette, one of the things a trainee learns is how to take down an individual resisting arrest safely, and they say they do not teach trainees to detain an individual by placing a knee on their neck.

Sergeant Tyrone Abrams with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office demonstrated how they train officers to safely arrest a non-compliant person.

Sgt. Abrams demonstrating the proper way to detain a non-compliant individual

“We teach our officers that we have our leg pointing down here, just surface contact across the back. We can control the individual. We still have a communication repour with them where we can try to gain compliance,” Sgt. Abrams said while demonstrating.

“Put your arm out to the side for me. Turn your palm up. Cross your legs for me, ma’am. And then at that point, we continue into our apprehension and arrest with the individual.”

He says they first train officers to make arrests while the individual is still standing, and this is a move that would only be used when the resisting person becomes aggressive.

“This position allows us to control the majority of the individual’s upper torso while controlling the shoulder, so then the individual now does not have anywhere to go or move to avoid the officer, and we can get other officers to come in. We get assistance while still maintaining their safety on the ground, not causing any injuries to them, and of course, safety for ourselves,” Sgt. Abrams added.

Captain John Mowell with the Sheriff’s Office says their detectives are not trained to put their knee on an individual’s neck in an effort to detain that person.

“The techniques that we use are tried and true, and they’re designed to bring somebody into custody safely. As you can tell, the techniques that were used, it’s really about safety and gaining an individual’s compliance as you’re bringing them into custody,” Mowell said.

He added that use of force during an arrest depends on an individual’s level of compliance.

He says if people comply and follow an officer’s instructions, this technique would not be necessary.

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