Mosley High School Celebrates Black History Month with Reading Event


February is Black History Month. Schools around the country are holding various events to honor and educate others on the history of African Americans. 

On Friday, Mosley High School held an all-day reading event to highlight the important work of African American writers and artists. Some of the guest readers included superintendent Bill Husfelt, a former teacher and community activist Janice Lucas, local attorney Alvin Peters, and school board member Ginger Littleton. They read the closing argument in the Brown v. the Board of Education, the story of a 15-year. old who marched in Selma with Dr. King, and other pieces of work. The goal was to educate students about history they may not be aware of.

“Black Americans have made such an impact on our country and I feel like sometimes they are totally unaware of the impact that has been made and I think this is an opportunity for them to learn about artists and writers they may not be aware of,” said English teacher Christina Parrish.

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