PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A group of local students are going to see Big Ben, the crown jewels and one of the most historic cities in the world.

Mosley High School’s Band is headed to London to perform in London’s New Year’s Day Parade in 2024.

Mosely High School Band Director Douglas Dobo’s said the school is planning to take 110 students to England and it will cost about $500 per child.

“You know, we have some goals of just fundraising at all,” said Dobo’s. “I know the last time the band went, they fundraised about $100,000. So we’re hoping to shave off a couple of thousand dollars of each kid’s expenses to go. We told every kid that every kid will be going, we’ll find a way to get them over there.”

This is the second time Mosely’s band will perform in London’s New Year’s Day Parade.

London’s New Year’s Day Parade Senior Patron Duncan Sandys said the American marching bands are always one of the biggest hits in the parade.

“Consistently for many, many years, when the spectators who come out onto the streets are asked what is their favorite act that they see in the parade. Consistently, it is the American high school and college marching bands that are so talented, and Mosley’s High School band is no different,” said Sandys.

Mosley high school band leaders are planning several fundraisers and the students are already counting down the days.

“I just want to make sure that I provide the kids with a unique experience that they can only get here, that mostly we want kids to realize that if they want to be in the band that Mosley is place to be,” said Dobo’s.

Planning and funding the trip is just half of the work. The band still has to pick out the music and practice marching along the tricky London streets.