Mistrial Declared in Andrew Pace Trial

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - In day two of testimony, the defense called the defendant to the stand.

Andrew Allan Pace gave his recollection of the events he said transpired on May 20th, 2016. Pace stands accused of raping a juvenile, along with several other men. 
Andrew Pace says he never had sexual relations with the alleged victim. In his version of events, pace says the teenage boy was the one trying to seduce him. 
"He jumped up on the bed, and said, well he reached and started tying up his ankles," said Defendant, Andrew Pace.

Tuesday, the boy testified. He stated Pace had drugged and raped him. "I don't know anything about drugs. I never bought any, don't know the difference in them," said Pace. 

Pace says the only drugs in his home were a diabetic supplement and a male enhancement drug, both of which were found in a search by law enforcement. Andrew Pace repeated that he never touched the boy.     

However, DNA evidence shows the victims DNA on Pace's genitals at the time of the incident. Pace said he had an explanation for that. 

"I was touching him with the measuring tape the whole time, because to get the measurements, you have to touch someone. Right after that, I already told you that I have to go to the bathroom and urinate. So I went to the bathroom to urinate with his DNA all over my hands," said Pace. 

Reports said the victim was interested in modeling. Pace was allegedly helping him get started with the career but officials questioned his methods. 
"If he was trying to measure your chest and arms, then why are your shorts and underwear in his bedroom? His response was I don't know," said Bay Co. Sheriff's Office Lieutenant, Jeremy Mathis. 

Pace claims he is innocent and is standing by that. When asked about earlier statements made in the initial deposition, Pace says he was out of it because he had just woken from a "deep sleep".

After 2 hours of deliberation, the jury notified judge Brantley Clark that they were stuck. 5 people were said to think the defendant was guilty and one person stood by their decision of not guilty. 

Two hours after that, totaling almost 4 hours of deliberation, a juror felt uncomfortable in the deliberation room with the others. 

The juror told Judge Brantley Clark that they could no longer go on. Judge Clark had no choice but to declare a mistrial in this case. 

 The new trial for Pace is set for July 2nd. 

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