PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)– One year after Hurricane Michael and Mission 850 is helping people recover who cannot do so on their own. Today, the group partnered with a group from Tallahassee to help one Panama City woman make her house feel more like a home.

Mission 850 is a grass-roots faith-based organization committed to helping those affected by Hurricane Michael.

Today, the group joined forces with Tallahassee’s Department for Juvenile Justice to clean up Thelma Faison’s home.

“They’re doing a tremendous job for me, there’s a lot that I needed done. Especially the yards as well as inside that I can’t do due to my disability,” Faison said.

Since last October, Mission 850 has partnered with over 200 groups to come serve the area.

“Right after the storm, they just came into the area, they recognized the need immediately, they recognized I think that this was gonna be a long term rebuilding process and so just very quickly out of the kindness of their hearts they responded by setting up mission 850,” said Theresea Prejean, a local partner with Mission 850.

The group helps those in need clean up their yards, complete home projects, and improve their living conditions.

“This group was here today and as I’m looking around, I mean they’re just doing anything that needs to be done, all sorts of odd jobs just to make this home feel more like a home,” Prejean said.

Since Hurricane Michael, Faison has struggled to rebuild on her own.

But, today, she couldn’t stop smiling as she saw her house begin to look how it once did before the storm.

“With everything being clean and back in place and everything it’ll feel like a home,” Faison said.

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