Miramar Beach residents urge Walton officials to re-think connector road plans


WALTON COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — Residents are trying to protect their 40-year-old residential neighborhood in Miramar Beach.

Residents said some new road plans are going to cause major traffic problems for their neighborhood and they want Walton Commissioners to rethink their plans to build a new connector road between Highway 98 and Walton Way Road.

“They have told us there is nothing we can do to stop the road; the road is happening,” said Walton Way Resident Lori Echols.

Walton Way is a quiet subdivision near the bay in Miramar Beach, but some residents are afraid it will not be quiet for much longer. County commissioners have approved building a new connector road into their neighborhood.

This new road will be built right behind Golf Garden, a 25-acre property that went on sale in 2019. Residents said that they are concerned since already a lot of traffic goes through their neighborhood.

“Right now, we have a hard enough time just getting out of our driveways with regular deliveries with people mowing the yard when it rains you can’t pull into your yard because of water so wet you have to park on the street,” said Echols. 

There are also concerns residents have when it comes to future growth, taking away much of the green space Miramar Beach has left.

“The nice people at the Golf Garden are trying to sell this property to an apartment building out of Atlanta,” said Echols. “Apartments will be back behind us with 321 units.”

County commissioners considered buying the property for another TDC welcome center but decided against it. The Atlanta developer now, who is under contract, reportedly plans to build an affordable housing complex called ‘Botanic Miramar.’ That will add 500 or more residents to the already distressed infrastructure.

“It’s just frustrating not having anybody in your corner,” Echols said, referring to all of the conversations with commissioners about the project.

Walton County Planning Department Director Mac Carpenter said the Walton Way connector road easement has been granted, regardless of the ‘Botanic Miramar’ project. There is no set timeline yet.

There is a Florida Department of Transportation meeting with Walton Way residents on November 2.

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