PANAMA CITY BEACH Fla. (WMBB) — Tyndall Air Force Base took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael causing them to rebuild from the ground up.

Thursday,  representatives from Tyndall had their first opportunity to portray their visions for the “base of the future.”

Two years after the storm, Tyndall’s rebuild is just beginning, but for them, the sky’s the limit. Integration Division Chief for Tyndall Project Management Office Lowell Usrey said the base will be better than ever.

“Tyndall is intended to be the air force’s first installation of the future,” Usrey said. “With Hurricane Michael obviously there was tremendous devastation but there is also tremendous opportunity.”

Military members and technology investors gathered at Thursday’s “Power Up Expo” to learn about the new technologies Tyndall plans to bring to the base.

One is the digital twin which creates a virtual representation of the base you can interact with and another is a first of its kind active shooter response program.

“We will know which building it is in, we’ll know where people are in the facility and we will know how best to have our first responders intercede and address the situation,” Usrey said. 

These technologies will make the air force base more operational in many ways and will also become the precedent for other bases like it.

Brigadier General Patrice Melancon said Tyndall is here to stay.

“We are looking forward to it,” Melancon said. “We are looking to build the base that is going to be the example for other bases into the next century.”

Tyndall is expecting to be ready to accept their first aircraft in October 2023.