PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Tyndall Air Force Base officials held the third installment of an event today, that’s become crucial to their Hurricane Michael rebuilding project.

The 2023 Tech Expo features the latest hardware and software that can be incorporated into the master plan.

“These folks help close that technology gap in the ever-changing landscape of technology,” said 325th Communications Squadron Commander Wesley Parker.

Tyndall officials welcomed 28 different vendors to the 2023 tech expo at the base on Tuesday, November 14.

“It’s a wide variety of vendors. Folks who install fiber, folks who provide services for networking equipment, folks who provide services for getting after drones, and disabling those capabilities,” Parker said.

Airmen got the opportunity to learn about cyber but also got some hands-on time using the gadgets.

The ‘Digital Twin’ is one of those examples.

The ‘Digital Twin’ allows officials to make specific changes during the construction process to make sure installation will operate more efficiently.

“A complete virtual model of the entire installation. So, we get to help all the different mission owners, see what their facilities are going to be like, and experience them before they move in. That helps them get familiarized and be able to understand better how they can use their facilities,” said Science and Technology Advisor Lance Marrano.

They’re using the ‘Digital Twin’ right now for the Beacon Beach Marina renovation.

Another piece of technology under development for security purposes is called ‘Zero Eyes’

“We’re working with the security forces to use artificial intelligence to see when there is a threat of a firearm and to provide that early warning system,” Marrano said.

Officials say the system will significantly cut down response time and even identify the type of firearm.

“This is a commercial technology that’s available to schools and colleges and airports. As you said, the Air Force are the first ones that are using it here,” Marrano said.

“I’m excited to see all the rebuilding. I know we’re going to do that quickly because we have the civil engineering center with a huge plan, and I know that’s going to come to fruition,” said Event Marketing Manager Olivia Kerr.

Tyndall officials say they’re eager to see the newest technology at next year’s expo to help propel the base forward.