MHS Students Feel Their Rights Were Violated


A student led walk out across the country this week set a tone for young people to bring attention to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.

Students across the country took part, if they wanted to.

But, in Jackson County, students are upset at the timing and handling of the Wednesday morning event.

At the set time for the National Student Walk Out, Marianna High School had a fire drill.

Students said that after the normal procedure, they were told to stay outside to participate in the walk out movement.

“Administration sent us out there to try to kill two birds with one stone and support the walk out and the faculty and students that way everybody is happy.” said MHS Senior, Madison Odom. “He didn’t exactly do good timing and it made it look as if he was setting us up to protest the gun rights.”

Some students said they would have been happy with a few moments of silence for the victims, but that they support the second amendment and were not happy with being made to participate in the walk out.

“I didn’t have a problem with showing my respect for the losses of the lives down south but I’m not going to stand outside and support something I do not believe in,” said Ashlynn Redmon, MHS Senior.

School board officials said that the principal at MHS did conduct a fire drill at the same time of the walk out, but that it was not to push any political agenda.

“We had a true fire drill. Went through that as we normally would.” said superintendent, Larry Moore. “Then students were allowed to stay outside for a few minutes longer under the supervision of the faculty and staff at Marianna high school in remembrance and in honor of those that were killed or injured in the parkland shooting.”

MHS principal, Hunter Nolen, knew of some students showing interest in participating in the walk out.

By law, if a student walks out of school without permission, disciplinary action is required.

Superintendent Moore said Principal Nolen was trying to make sure all students could take part but in a supervised manner.

“He gave them an alternative to this walk out by letting them show their feelings in a respectful way, honoring those that have died or been injured in the shootings,” said Moore.

Superintendent Moore also said that other schools in the district did participate in the moments of silence in their own way.

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