Mexico Beach Resident Survives Hurricane Michael and Continues Helping Those in Need


“Dying was on my mind the entire time,” said Hal Summers, Mexico Beach Resident. 

October 10th, 2018 is a day Hal Summers will never forget. Summers, his cat, and a 71 year old man named Frank stayed together as Hurricane Michael hit Mexico Beach. Their plan was to go to the attic if things got out of hand.

“When I opened up the door the water was up to about here already, so my idea of going to the attic was totally thrown,” said Summers. 

With his cat in arms and Frank by his side, Summers led the way to the outdoor bathroom. 

“I knew we had a toilet in here we could stand on and a sink in here we could stand on,” said Summers. 

Despite the strong winds, and the wide spread destruction, they made it. 

“I shut the door, and there’s a little hole right here, and I watched everything just floating by flying by,” said Summers. 

In that moment there was one thing on his mind. 

“I just wanted to hold on for dear life and I knew if I held on to that door I felt like we would be fine and we were,” said Summers. 

Three days after the storm, Summers and friends began giving out food to those in need and they’ve continued everyday since. 

“We fed as many as even this past Monday 500 people for dinner Monday night,” said Michael Scoggins, Killer Seafood Owner. 

Scoggins owned the restaurant where Summers worked and now the two continue to work hand in hand helping their community. 

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