Mexico Beach Resident Loses Home and Continues to Volunteer Five Days a Week

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. - Donation centers in Mexico Beach have remained open as hundreds in the area still in need. A group of volunteers from Georgia set up a donation center in Mexico Beach three days after Hurricane Michael. About a month ago volunteers left and they wanted a resident to take over.
"I'm here Monday through Friday and I try to stay open from nine to four," said Laurie June, volunteer. June balances working at the donation center with another job she does from online. Her family lost their home to the storm. 
She shows up to the donation center five days a week with one goal, to help. "I want things to be easy for the residents here, so many have helped us so I want to make sure they get the help they need as well," said June. 
Hoping to make a difference for those living in the area like Michael Mcleer. "We lost everything, all our clothes, all my daughters toys," said Mcleer. 
 Their house is still standing but isn't livable. They're staying in a trailer as they work on repairs."It's hard, it really is, it's hard everyday," said Mcleer. Only four businesses are up and running in town. 

"We don't have a Walmart right here, we don't have any stores in Mexico Beach at the moment so it's very difficult," said Bethany Price, Mexico Beach resident. The donations go a long way. "Thank god the donation centers are here because if it weren't for them we wouldn't be able to start fresh," said Mcleer. Those staying in the area are starting over. "Of course our atmosphere is completely different but the people are the same," said Price. 


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