Mexico Beach reacts to scientists' confirming Hurricane Michael as a Category 5

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. - NOAA's national hurricane center says that hurricane Michael had an intensity of 160 mph making it a category five storm. Mayor Al Cathey says the news doesn't surprise him.

"I know of nothing that it changes. I think NOAA could've asked us three or four months ago and we could've told them it was a five," Mayor Cathey said.

Mayor Cathey says the number doesn't matter when you look at the devastation throughout the city. Right now, there isn't a gas station, grocery store or bank in the city. Shirley Miller says she been living in Mexico Beach for 22 years and has never witnessed something so catastrophic.

"You have paradise and Puerto Rico and Katrina was terrible, but I don't know of any disasters that actually wiped the town out and that's what this one did. We don't have a structure anymore," Miller said. 

Miller says that when she returned to her home after the storm the inside was completely destroyed. Now she lives in a trailer in her front yard with her husband, son and dog.

"It's not just the building it was my baby pictures from my son, my mother's pictures, my personal and private pictures, you know all of my clothes," Miller said. 

Miller says she expects to still be living in the trailer for some time, but she refuses to leave Mexico Beach despite the devastation.


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