Mexico Beach Mayor Suggests City Administrator Step down during Meeting

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. - The discussion regarding funding the fire department was supposed to be the main focus of the Mexico Beach City Council meeting, but the last item on the agenda grabbed everyone's attention. 

The Mayor of Mexico Beach shocked the entire room when he suggested his City Administrator step down. The council was quick to disagree with the Mayor's proposal. 
Item 11 on the agenda was titled "City Administrator employment contract" with no other context. Mayor Al Cathey addressed the topic in a lengthy speech regarding the council's duty to the city.  He ended on the note that he believes the City Administrator, Mell Smigielski, should step down. 
"I was appalled and surprised that this was brought up," said Councilwoman, Linda Albrecht. The council was blindsided by the mere suggestion. "I was absolutely appalled. I knew the mayor had some questions, but not to the point of firing him," said Albrecht. 

Other council members stood by Smigielski and the work he has accomplished in his position. 
"I can in no way justify asking this city manager to leave our city," said Councilman, Bill McGlothlin. 
Smigeilski was silent during the discussion regarding his employment. Councilwoman Albrecht says they're unlikely to act on the mayors words. "I won't bring it up again, I don't see a reason to let him go," said Albrecht. 

Both Smigielski and the Mayor declined to comment after the meeting regarding the statement to step down. Mayor Cathey only stated that he was clear in what he said concerning the city administrator's employment.

Mayor Cathey did not give any specific reasons as to why he wants Smigielski to step down. 

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