Mexico Beach Fire Department Asking For Help

BAY COUNTY, Fla - The city of Mexico Beach is asking for Bay County's staff to take over their fire department, over concerns of the safety of their residents.

Several months ago, Mexico Beach's fire department received a letter from the insurance service office, warning them that the department would be receiving the worst ISO rating possible; a ten.

Since that rating, the city has been working to improve it's score, even implementing a fire assessment fee for residents and businesses to increase the department's funding.

To further help in their efforts, Mexico Beach has asked Bay County Commission to overtake the fire department altogether.

"So we'll look at our costs associated with providing fire protection and what the MST mileage rate would have to be within the city limits of Mexico Beach to effectively offer service so that it could be a winning proposal." says County Manager Bob Majka.

Both Mexico Beach and Bay County will hold public hearings to get residents input on the matter. The Bay County Commission will hold their next meeting on June 19th.


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