What’s required of people planning to build in Mexico Beach is changing…following hurricane michael.
the city council agreeing on new land development regulations, flood plain requirements, and more at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

As the city’s 90-day moratorium comes to an end, city officials are laying out their new ordinances as people begin to rebuild. 

Seven rough drafts later, city council members are getting ready to lift the ban on building. “Tonight was the night that everybody was looking forward to,” Adrian Welle, Mexico Beach’s city clerk said. All of the city council members voted “yes” on the proposed ordinances.

The new floodplain ordinance requires builders in areas more prone to flooding build a foot and a half above each home’s base flood elevation. It only applies to new construction and buildings damaged more than 50 percent.

“I don’t really have a problem with the ordinance right now. As long as we comply with the requirements and rules, we can rebuild,” Charles Guilford, a resident and former Mexico Beach mayor, said.

He does expect the new requirement to cost him more. “In this day in age, anything is going to be more expensive so that’s just expected,” he said.

No one at the meeting spoke out against the new requirement. The moritorium will be lifted on Friday and people can submit permit requests for new building on Monday. At the next city council meeting, council members are expected to vote on a new wind-speed requirement regarding people’s windows.

“We’re anxious just like everybody else to get the rebuilding process started on Monday,” Welle said. While some requirements will change, others will stay the same.

“There was concern among the public that we were going to change our density, change our height restrictions, that Mexico Beach was going to sell out to developers,” Welle said. However, Welle said that won’t happen. Height restrictions on buildings will stay the same and the amount of buildings allowed per acre will stay the same.

To read the full ordinances, visit: http://www.mexicobeachgov.com/pdfs/13242119024612.pdf

For more information on the floodplain requirements, visit: http://mexicobeachgov.com/pdfs/473213019105618.pdf?fbclid=IwAR154lUrrk4yMdhXq-Uii4HprWDpLjwMAq7seVQr0VKh-rrhIpAm_HrLJaY