Mexico Beach Businesses: Sales steady, drastic change in clientele


MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB)- Businesses in Mexico Beach are still working to get back on their feet.

Some closed for weeks or even months and others remain closed to this day.

News 13’s  spoke to several business owners Wednesday who say sales are  surprisingly steady but menus have changed to fit new clientele.

We’re busy over here working for the community, for us and for everybody, Harold Diaz, an employee at Crazy Beach Pizza tells News 13.

Although business is steady, it’s not as busy as they hoped it would be. It’s kind of slow but it’s not the same people as it used to be. there’s a lot of people working over here and there’s no place to eat. They come over here, work and get their lunch, said Diaz.

Hurricane Michael forced the popular lunch spot to close for two months. For those who love it, that’s just way too long.

I’ve been a big fan of beach pizza for as far back as I can remember. Hector, Lindsey, they do an awesome job. They were one of the first people to get open and get us food options. So, it’s great to have a place to come eat every day, said Drew Hall, a frequent customer at Crazy Beach Pizza.

Across the street from Crazy Beach Pizza is Caribbean Coffee. The front walls been completely rebuilt. The widows are new, the doors new, we got a new roof, new floor, and we’re getting a new decking, said owner David Kiser.

Just like his neighbors, Kiser says he’s seeing new customers after he opened his shop back up in mid November.  We were tourist driven basically before and all of a sudden it became worker driven. These guys want something they can come in and grab and get out the door. They want something with some substance to it. so, we changed our menu.

The businesses tell News 13 they anticipate things to pick back up this summer. 

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