Merriam Cherry Street Elementary Students Celebrate Last Day of School

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - High school graduations have come and gone and now another exciting day for Bay County students. Friday was their last day of class.

The cheetah pride was high at Merriam Cherry Street Elementary school Friday morning for the last day of school festivities. Soaked kids took advantage of the warm sunshine with slides and water guns. Teachers and staff rocked custom made shirts.

"It's just a bit of a joke and jab at the parents because the teachers are going off duty and that means the parents will be on duty, so it's just all in good fun," said Merriam Cherry Street Principal Blythe Carpenter.

Fifth graders heading off to middle school took the time to thank their teachers for their hard work.

"They all helped me to get where I am and they are really good teachers and I think they deserve all the opportunities," said 5th grader Nia Durham.

Principal Blythe Carpenter is proud of her students and eager to see test results.

"We had a very successful year last year with school grades and I feel like we've had an even better year this year so I'm anxious to see how we performed but I just feel very humbled and proud to lead this school and see the great things that are to come," said Carpenter.

More things are to come this summer like dozens of construction projects to improve school safety and teacher training.

"Securing all the entrances at our schools is our goal, really put a lot of time and effort into that. But also the half cent sales tax. This summer the citizens will vote on that and that's going to be a big initiative we will work on this summer," said Bay District Superintendent Bill Husfelt.

But for now, the kids will enjoy summer while it lasts. The 2018, 2019 school year starts August 15th.

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