Meet Bay County school board, district 1, candidate: Jerry Register


BAY COUNTY, Fla (WMBB) — Jerry Register currently holds the district one seat on the Bay County school board and is running for re-election against Mark “Big Chief” Strickland.

Who is Jerry Register?

Register said he met his wife of 50 years back in 1st grade at Oakland Terrace Elementary School. They both went on to become teachers, he at Everitt, she at Rosenwald, and married during their first year teaching, he added.

Register has been a teacher for 16 years at all three levels and a school administrator for 14 years in elementary school, he said. He said he’s been known as a “hands-on” type of person, citing his experience riding on the school bus for 11 years not only figuring out the problems of the transportation system, but also getting to know the students and parents.

“We make policy as school board, and rule and regulations, so we need to see how schools are doing,” Register said.

Register also has a business called Painting with Principal Register, where he said he learned and used his knowledge of workman’s comp, liability insurance and the business world in general.

What are you top three priorities for the upcoming school year?

  1. Safety/mental health. Making our schools safe.
  2. How will we start schools safely?
  3. Facilities after the hurricane.

What can you tell us about the upcoming pandemic workshops? What would you like to see come out of them?

“The main this is I hope people come,” Register said.

He also said that the priority should be what is the safest way to bring children back to school, whether parents feel better about virtual learning or sending their kids back to brick-and-mortar buildings.

Register said he believes we should open the doors, and there will be several different models of doing this depending on the school. This could include staggered schedules, smaller class sizes, stricter cleaning standards or optional masks, he added.

How do you plan to deal with the lingering affects of Hurricane Michael regarding homelessness and mental illness for students, parents and teachers?

He said the school board wrote and received a $30 million grant to bring three mental health professionals to each school to work with students, parents and teachers.

What are your thoughts on Gov. DeSantis’s announcement on increased teacher pay and how do you think that money should be allocated?

“Teachers are what make us go,” Register said.

“It’s exciting news for new teachers, but we can’t forget about veteran teachers. It’s also not that much money. The Governor should have told us how to use it instead of just giving it to us,” Regsiter said.

“I’m not sure how we should delegate the money, but be can’t forget about the veteran teachers, he says.”

Why should people re-elect you?

Along with the business knowledge and experience in schools, Register said that he will do what it takes to make the district even better.

Meet the other candidates running for office this year.

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