PANAMA CITY, Fla.- After months of impasse, the long-awaited disaster relief bill was passed 5 days ago but the money is still held up in Washington. 

President Trump visited Bay County earlier last week, promising relief for the Panhandle, but we’re still waiting for the necessary funding. 

A number of local leaders have gone to Washington in an attempt to speed up federal funding. Panama City Mayor, Greg Brudnicki, said he spoke with the president during his visit last week. 

The mayor said he and his commission had three things they wanted to accomplish post-visit. 

“We wanted to go 90/10 split, instead of 75/25, we wanted to make sure Tyndall was going to be rebuilt, which he looked me in the eye and said we’re going to rebuild Tyndall, I shook hands with him and asked him that. Number 3, there’s going to be a little bit, I believe $448 million dollars that’s going to come through HUD and help us with housing solutions here,” said Panama City Mayor, Greg Brudnicki.

That money from HUD will be appropriated and given to the department of economic opportunity. 

On Monday, city officials will head to Tallahassee to figure out how that money will be distributed and how much will come to Bay County.