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Mayor reacts to online petition calling for de-annexing of Springfield


SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB)- An online petition circling social media is calling for the city of Springfield to be de-annexed.

The online petition is gaining some speed as angry Springfield residents air their grievances about the city and call for the city of Springfield to be dissolved and for Bay County to take over.

A number of the comments refer to raw sewage and poor water quality. Mayor Ralph Hammond attributes that to a lawsuit years ago in the Lake Charles subdivision that he said is public knowledge.

“We put a notice out not to drink the water, well water. It’s supposed to be on everybody’s title when they buy a home or a piece of property that it is located on a landfill,” said Mayor of Springfield, Ralph Hammond.

Mayor Ralph Hammond goes on to say that none of these issues have been brought before the city commission, and he says that an online petition is a little extreme.

“There’s a whole lot to do to go through and dissolve a city, it’s not just Bay County de-annexing. You have to have a referendum vote by the citizens if the commission approves it. Then the Governor has to be involved with it and approve it. Then you have to have someone that’s willing to take it,” he said.

Hammond said he has an open-door policy and encourages anyone with issues regarding the city to come to speak with him and his staff at the city hall or come to a city commission meeting.

“We have a commission meeting the first Monday of every month, we have a workshop the third Monday at 5:30, I’m down at City Hall every day, I may be in and out, but I’m available. The city clerk is available, the public works director is available so all you have to do is make an appointment and come in and see us. Let’s sit down and talk about it and see what the issues are,” he said.

After speaking with the mayor, he says he questions the credibility of the petition.

“Anybody can use social media now. It’s a good thing but yet at the same time, it’s not a good thing because you have to be able to communicate to find out what’s really happening,” said Hammond.

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