Marianna Residents Worried About New Bottle Club

Marianna Residents Worried About New Bottle Club

MARIANNA, Fla. - As Jackson County's resident prepare to vote on allowing liquor by the drink sales at restaurants, a new bottle club has raised concern.

Some residents are worried about the harm it may cause to their community.

Club Lit opened up near Marianna's high school.

The club does not sell alcohol instead allowing patrons to bring their own booze.

Those under the drinking age can go to the club according to information obtained by News 13.

One major concern is driving in the area after drinking for hours in the club.

"They have to drive home after they get through drinking all night or ever how long they stay there all night, then how are they getting home. We don't have a cab service, we don't have Uber drivers in Jackson County," said Marianna resident, Coba Beasley.

Residents are also concerned that more establishments like club lit will pop up in the area if liquor by the drink is passed in the area.

"We do have an alcohol problem in the county already and we don't need more bottle clubs in the county to make it worse than what it already is," said Beasley.

Marianna does sell beer and wine at some restaurants, but residents have not yet agreed to allow liquor.

"As a retired teacher of fifty years with young people, I've seen what it's done to the kids, what it's done to their family when it has to do with liquor," said Marianna resident, Royce Reagan.
 We reached out to the club's owners but they were not available Monday. 


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