Marianna Health and Rehab employees come forward with unsafe workplace allegations


MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — Multiple employees have come forward seeking help for themselves and patients at Marianna Health and Rehab during COVID-19.

News 13 has changed the names of some of our sources because they wish to remain anonymous.

Some of the allegations include a lack of proper personal protective equipment (PPE), no cleaning wipes for commonly touches surfaces, and an unsafe workplace.

‘Nurse Janet’ has worked at the facility for over 10 years and says she is contemplating quitting her job because of the way she says staff and patients have been treated by upper-level management.

“We have lost people dear to our hearts because of negligence from upper-level management,” ‘Nurse Janet’ said.

“Nurse Janet” also claims employees were not given proper P-P-E until July and had to resolve to make their own PPE out of biohazard bags.

“Proper PPE is not considered isolation gown and make your own head and foot cover,” ‘Nurse Janet’ said.

The staff were tying red plastic biohazard bags around their shoes and their hair to protect themselves from COVID-19.

According to the Florida Department of Health in Jackson County, 113 residents and 108 residents have tested positive for COVID-19 since July. The surge of cases led to hiring nurses from outside agencies to help with the staffing shortage.

‘Nurse Lauren’ an agency nurse says she’s worked in multiple facilities located in coronavirus hot-spots and said Marianna Health and Rehab is at the bottom of her list when it comes to preparedness for the pandemic.

“I have worked so many COVID contracts since this began and I have never seen anything like it,” ‘Nurse Lauren’ said.

‘Nurse Lauren’ claims the masks provided by the city are kept in an unsealed box, the brand is not approved by the Center for Disease Control and they say non-medical on the box.

“You’re not protected at all,” ‘Nurse Lauren’ said. “In the event that you do have a patient that doesn’t have COVID, the staff is going to carry it right into the room.”

Despite the nurses’ claims, Marianna City Manager, Jim Dean, said the city followed all guidelines.

“The City of Marianna has provided the proper equipment to all employees in accordance with ACA, the Department of Health and the State of Florida,” Dean said.

Dean also said the facility has seen some improvement. As of Friday only two residents are testing positive for COVID-19.

According to the Florida Department of Health there have been 31 coronavirus deaths associated with Marianna Health and Rehab.

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