MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — People in Marianna will now be able to enjoy food trucks on a regular basis.

Marianna city officials voted to allow food truck vendors to set up all the time.

The trucks used to be restricted to just certain events.

Mainstreet Marianna backed the change.

Executive Director Meghan Basford said most other small towns have already implemented policies like this one and claims it’s boosted traffic into those communities.

“Like for instance, if you’ve got a food truck that’s set up on a local business property, they’re going to patron that local business while they’re waiting on their food. And if they’re waiting for the food, they’ll go into the business,” Basford said. “And if they’re in the business and they walk out they say ‘oh there’s a food truck. Let me grab lunch while I’m here.’ So it’s just mutually beneficial for both parties.”

If you’d like to be able to set up a food truck in Marianna, go to Marianna City Hall to apply for a permit.