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Many Bay District School Repairs Completed


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — With over 40 schools in the district, Rutherford High, Merritt Brown, and Bay High are the three worst damaged schools from the hurricane. At Bay District’s workshop, the discussed repair budgets, timelines for finishing the schools as well as what they’ve completed so far.

Roofing is the number one priority for the district. Bay High School is currently repairing its roof  with a cost around 8.8 million dollars. Total repair costs at bay high will cost 35-40 million dollars. 

Hiland Park as well as Lynn Haven E    lementary both getting new roofs, which will be finished in a little over a week. Director of Facilities, Lee Walters says this is not a short term project.

“It’s just going to be a continual process, in all three of those campuses.” said Walters.

Mosley High has seen multiple projects completed, including: fencing, their gym bleachers have been replaced, their baseball field is fixed as well as a new roof on their gym.

Recently completed as well was a secured entry at Jinks Middle School, the Bay High baseball field, and five new classrooms re-purposed for Lynn Haven students.

“The end result is to make the most of our opportunities that fema funding presents, to end up three or five  years down the road, to end up in a much better place than we were before the storm.” said Walters.

At the workshop the need for a new beach elementary school was revisited. They hope to start working on that facility as other schools are repaired.

“Before the hurricane ever came through, we were already having significant growth at our beach schools, our elementary schools were very near capacity or at capacity.”

Next for the district, Jinks Middle School will be having their groundbreaking for their new gymnasium on August 19th. 

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