SATELLITE BEACH Fla. (WMBB) — A once-in-a-lifetime picture taken in Florida has gotten some national and international attention.

Rusty Escandell was enjoying his day at the Officers Club Beach at Patrick Space Force Base near Cocoa Beach Florida. He was taking photos of his son and other surfers when he saw a splash. At the time, he said he did not think much of it until he got home.

Escandell noticed through some burst photos a manta ray had been the reason for the splash, it had been photobombing surfers. He knew he had to share this unique photo on social media.

One of those surfers Michael Cobb said he did not see the manta ray at the time either. It wasn’t until his family member showed him a Facebook post he realized he was the surfer in the photo going viral.

Escandell said it is amazing and impressive to see since he claims to be an amateur photographer himself.

“I posted the one picture thinking, wow that is a really cool picture,” he said. “And it just went crazy from there. I mean the shares just bloomed and then I started getting interviews from all over the place including overseas. I mean the UK picked it up in several places, China, Russia, Mexico, Poland. That was a big one.”

Escandell said both his daughters are marine biologists and told him it is great sea-life is getting a shout-out and support through this viral photo. 

Escandell encourages all to take pictures and enjoy life because this is proof you never know what you might capture.

You know, this is the peak of my amateur photography as I said it in another interview, its probably downhill from here but that’s alright, it’s not going to stop me from going out and taking more pictures,” he said.

Even moments that seem insignificant Escandell said could turn into something the whole world is interested in seeing.

His advice, he said take a camera with you when you go out, and see how you can also capture nature.