Man Tried in Jackson County for Murder of Cell Mate

Man Tried in Jackson County for Murder of Cell Mate

MARIANNA, Fla. - In 2015, 32-year-old, Daniel Jacob Craven, Jr., admitted to stabbing his Graceville Correctional Facility cell mate, John Anderson.

Wednesday, he was tried in Jackson County before Judge Christopher Patterson on first degree murder charges.

During witness testimony, an inmate at the Graceville Correctional Facility told a 14 person jury that in the wee hours of the morning on June 28, 2015 he heard strange cries, coming from an inmate that sounded like John Anderson, a few cells down from his.

"I heard somebody say get off of me, and just a second or two later I heard somebody say, help me. And just, I don't know, a second or two later I heard somebody say help me again but it was just very, you know I could just barely hear it," said Rex Dakin, Graceville Correctional Facility Inmate.

Later that morning, a friend of Anderson's said he found it odd that his buddy wasn't at breakfast, since his words the night before were "goodnight brother, see you tomorrow."

"Normally John's always there for every meal," said Edward Summers, Graceville Correctional Facility Inmate. "Every now and then he might miss one."

The day went on like normal.

Officers performed security checks and counts.

When they got to cell 209 where Anderson and Craven were cell mates, they saw a letter forged by Craven stating Anderson was ill and resting. 

Officials testified that Anderson didn't cause trouble and other inmates seemed to like him.

"He was, like a spiritual adviser for a lot of inmates in that quad," said Stephanie Jones, Former GCF Correctional Officer.

That afternoon, Craven asked a correctional officer to cuff him, so he could tell him something that his captain would want to hear.

"He said I just need to let somebody know that I killed my roommate," said Jason West, Correctional Officer.

Craven admitted to stabbing Anderson with a homemade shank, covering him, forging the letter and leaving him in the bed as if he was sleeping. 

Officials with FDLE searched the cell for the weapon and say they found it.

Craven was already serving a life sentence on a 2011 second degree murder conviction out Apopka, Florida.

The state is seeking the death penalty for this case.

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