Man Sentenced to Death for Murder of Cell Mate

Man Sentenced to Death for Murder of Cell Mate

MARIANNA, Fla. - Daniel Craven Jr., has been sentenced to death in Jackson County.

He was found guilty, Thursday, of first degree murder in the stabbing death of his cell mate, John Anderson.

After about an hour and twenty minutes, the 12 person jury unanimously voted to enforce the death penalty.

Before closing remarks Friday, the state told the jury about the 2011 murder that originally sent Craven to the Graceville Correctional Facility.

"Mr. Craven took an aluminum baseball bat and repeatedly beat him," said Candra Moore, 9th Judicial Circuit Assistant State Attorney. "He beat him and he did not die right away. Mr. Justice Begged him to stop, that he would leave, that he would never return. That he had two kids. Mr. Craven handcuffed him. Mr. Craven put his face head down into a dog bowl and tried to drowned him."

The defense brought witnesses to testify on Craven's behalf. One being his half brother, Jason Tucker, who is serving time in another Florida state prison.

Tucker said he and his siblings had a rough childhood.

"My mom had been to prison several times," said Jason Tucker, Defendants Brother. "My mom would lose her kids then somehow she would manipulate the system letting her getting her kids back. She'd get them back and then we'd go through this abusive stuff again and then DCF would come take us away."

A licensed psychologist, Dr. Julie Harper, was also brought to the stand in hopes of making the court believe that Craven suffers from psychological issues because of his childhood.

Harper listed several diagnoses.

"Specifically I would find that he has post traumatic stress disorder," said Dr. Julie Harper, Psychologist. "I also noted that he had a past history of trauma and abuse."

As a rebuttal, the state's psychologist testified that he disagrees with the number of psychological diagnoses Craven allegedly suffers from.


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