A Lynn Haven family loses half their home to a fire on Tuesday night

Lynn Haven

LYNN HAVEN Fla. (WMBB) — A Lynn Haven family is looking through the remains of part of their home after a massive fire Tuesday night. The fire brought several firefighters to the scene.

A fire can happen in seconds, but Blaise Newmans never imagined it would happen to his family.  

“You never think that this kind of thing is going to happen to you,” Newmans said. “You know you hear about it happening and then just hearing that it actually happened to my parents you know it was just very shocking.”

Newmans is on military duty with the U.S. Army in Missouri.

He heard about the huge fire engulfing his family’s home through a phone call from a friend. 

“The garage structure where the fire started was a complete loss,” Newmans said. “Everything, all its contents you know a huge portion of our construction tools.”

When the fire broke out the Newmans were eating dinner in the living area, which might have saved their lives.

“My parents’ bedroom and my grandmother actually lives in the house that is on the same side of the house that the fire started in the garage and so those rooms are just completely destroyed,” Newmans said.

The Lynn Haven Fire Department arrived on the scene within minutes and was able to get the flames under control. They stopped them from spreading into the front half of the house. Chief John DeLonjay says there were some challenges. 

“The house was built in 1915 so there’s a lot of hardwood that turned into what we call fat lighter,” DeLonjay said.

Looking at the remains, the house is no longer liveable and most of their tools for their construction business are gone. 

The Newmans just finished exterior repairs to their home after Hurricane Michael, so now it is time to start again. 

“You know you can’t do anything but go forward,” Newmans said. “It’s just another project to add to the books.”

The Newmans are so grateful for everyone in the community that has stepped up to help them.

If you would like to donate to help the Newmans – CLICK HERE

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