Monday morning, a Lynn Haven teen was struck by lightning while working in the front yard of his home off Inverness Road in the Mowat Highlands subdivision.

Lynn Haven Police Department Deputy Chief, Richard Ramie, said the teen was working in his front lawn with his brother.
“He was trying to move some lawn equipment back to his house. Him and his brother we’re cutting the lawn together, and his brother heard a loud crack and turned around and his twin brother was unconscious,” he said.

Ramie said emergency responders from both Lynn Haven and Bay County arrived on scene just before 8:30 A.M.

“EMS was called and they started CPR on him and he’s at Bay Medical Center in ICU,” he said.

But Ramie said this is not an isolated occurrence in Bay County.

“In my career, I have actually probably over a 26 year span, have worked probably about 14 of these incidents in this area,” he said.

The teenage boy is in critical but stable condition.

Ramie is asking everyone to hope and pray for a full recovery.