Lynn Haven Senior Center Changes Management


The City of Lynn Haven is taking over management of the senior citizen center. For 12 years the city has paid $75,000 a year to the Bay County Council on Aging to manage the center.  

Margo Andersen mayor of Lynn Haven, explained why they began negotiations on the contract. “After looking at the contract, and after seeing what was provided and after having a lot of interviews and discussion with the clients here that come here everyday. That many of them were not satisfied with what was happening.”

During contract negotiations the Council on Aging canceled their contract, and now the city is taking it over.

Dorothy Allen, a senior center visitor says time will tell to see how this turns out. “I think change is good sometimes and I think this is maybe one of those times. Have to wait and see.”

Not only is the management changing, but the food is changing too, and the community plans to help out. “There have been several restaurants that have volunteered to help out for the hot meal days.” said Andersen. The city is still in the process of finding a daily caterer for the center. 

Another change is that visitors will be able to bring in food they’ve cooked. Something that was not allowed before because federal grant money was used to purchase and cook food. With federal funding also comes certain regulations that prohibited outside food to be served. 
Jack Daniel, a visitor at the center is looking forward to some home-cooked food. “I’m sure some of the people here are great cooks…. I’d like to sample some of the cooking.”

City officials say they also plan to create a computer area that will have a dual purpose. It’s use will be split between city employees and the senior citizens. “On the days that the city is not using it for training- which certainly won’t be everyday. We hope to have those computers and an instructor here that will be helping senior citizens who want to learn computer skills,” said Andersen. 

Another change coming to the center is that the visitors will elect their own board from within their peers to bring feedback to the city.

An official kick-off celebration of the new management will be  Oct. 1, 2018. 

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