LYNN HAVEN Fla. (WMBB) – The city of Lynn Haven was awarded several grants to help with their stormwater mitigation plan for this year.

The area has been prone to flooding. The city’s public works department is trying to put an end to the recurring problems. 

Public Works Director Chris Lightfoot said the city has received one million dollars out of the state’s budget. That will be matched by the city’s half-cent tax dollars.

Lightfoot said this funding will assist in temporary fixes before engineers can design stormwater projects.

“That project will allow us to dredge our outfalls and clean out some of the sediment there that has never been taken care of so we will get those taken care of so stormwater can leave the city more efficiently,” he said. “Of course, it will take us years to do all these projects. But you are looking at the next 24 months with all of the grants.”

Lightfoot said if you are a resident living in an RV due to stormwater flooding in your home, but you need an extension, reach out to the city.