The Lynn Haven Police Department received a call about noon Sunday that a vehicle had driven into the water at Porter Park. When they arrived, officers found a 2007 Nissan SUV several hundred feet out in North Bay.

The driver, Scott Eugene Porter, 46, from Mississippi was still inside the vehicle. 

Officers say Porter did not try to get out of the SUV, so they went into the water to assist. When they got to him, Porter resisted their efforts to remove him from the vehicle.

They were eventually able to get Porter safely out of the vehicle and he was transported to a local hospital for treatment. 

No one else was in the vehicle. The investigation is still on going.


On Sunday, a dangerous drive in Lynn Haven has one Mississippi man recovering at a hospital.

Authorities say 46-year-old Scott Porter was found inside his Nissan SUV that was submerged in the water at Porter Park.
“It was right there at the buoys,” said bystander Michelle Campbell. 
Campbell was among the crowd of folks who spotted the car several feet out in North Bay.
“We pulled up, and all these cars were here,” said her daughter Ciara Arthur.
“I come here often so, I was like what’s going on? And the kids were like ‘there’s a car, in the water.!’ And I was like a car in the water, where?!, said Campbell.
After responding to the call, Lynn Haven police officers tried to pull Porter from his car, but he resisted. 
Eventually, they were able to safely get him out.
Campbell said she and her family were there for at least an hour while first responders were on scene.
“There was an officer already here, and a little while later two more showed up. So the tow truck and everything was already here when we got here,” said Campbell.
After a dramatic rescue, crews later pulled the Nissan SUV out of the water.
“My kids can go out there and swim and they can go out pretty far out there…so it was just sitting there,” said Campbell.
Despite what was going on, Campbell and her family carried on with their plans to swim.
But like many folks, Campbell is still puzzled as to how this happened.
“It’s weird because you’re like, how? How did the vehicle get out that far in the water? 
The Lynn Haven Police Department said no one else was in the vehicle, and the investigation is ongoing.
There are no charges at this time.