Lynn Haven Police Investigate Drive-By Shooting in Local Neighborhood

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. - Lynn Haven police are investigating a drive-by shooting that happened Sunday night.

The suspect shot at a home and multiple vehicles, causing significant damage." It was just a bunch of gun shots and then a whole bunch of police showed up," said a witness. 

What's normally a quiet Lynn Haven neighborhood, was disrupted by loud gunfire. "I was actually inside sleeping when my neighbor came inside and said he heard some gunshots and so forth, and my other neighbor was actually on the front porch. I believe they were one of the ones that called 911 to see what was going on," said a neighbor. 

Lynn Haven Police received a series of 911 calls regarding the a shooting near the 1300 block of Indiana Avenue. Residents said they heard shots ring out around 10:30 Sunday night. "I heard ten consecutive gunshots back to back. I don't know exactly what happened but sounded to me like someone unloaded a full magazine of a pistol, rifle, something of that nature. But I heard ten shots back to back," said a witness. 

Authorities responded to the scene and found a number of rounds fired. Police said in recent reports that this was no random act. "All the gunfire was focused at one house and some vehicles that were parked there were struck. No other homes had appeared to be targeted by this," said Lynn Haven Police Sergeant, Steve McNeil. 

Bullets riddled the home and struck two of the vehicles parked outside leaving visible bullet holes on the exterior. 
No one was hurt in the shooting. Police said it was a drive-by shooting and that a Maroon Chevrolet Monte Carlo was seen fleeing the seen shortly after the shots were fired. Neighbors said they are surprised that this happened so close to home.
"Quiet Lynn Haven, you know? You just don't really expect that. It's a very family oriented community. It's a shock," said a neighbor. 

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact the Lynn Haven Police department. 

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