LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – The arrest of three teens involved in Monday’s disturbance at Mowat Middle School has Lynn Haven officials calling for changes. 

Police say the guns the teens brought to the school were stolen from an unlocked car at a nearby apartment complex. 

Lynn Haven Police Chief Rickie Ramie described Monday’s situation at Mowat as terrifying. 

“This breaks my heart because if those two guns would’ve been used in that school yesterday,” Chief Ramie said.

But he said it could’ve been worse— and avoided. 

“Those two stolen guns out of unlocked vehicles were inside that school all day,” Chief Ramie said. “A gun can be left in the car but it needs to be secured inside the car. Lock your doors.”

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Chief Ramie said the kids stole the loaded guns from an unlocked car parked at the Arbor Trace Apartment complex on Sunday night. He suspects they went from car to car until they found one that was unlocked.

Ramie said they’ve arrested three teens in connection to this incident: Jailyn King, 15, Asia Falvo, 13, and Albert Campbell, 15.

They are all facing felony charges. He said it will be up to the State Attorney’s office whether or not they will be tried as adults.   

While the burglary and theft were definitely wrong, Chief Ramie also believes the gun owners need to be held accountable for failing to secure their weapons.

He said he is all about the Second Amendment and carrying weapons, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. 

“The Lynn Haven Police Department has worked almost a dozen car burglaries over the last two years where firearms were taken out of vehicles that were unlocked,” Ramie said. “There was no forced entry, there was no broken window… It was just carelessness on behalf of the car owner and gun owner.”

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Bay District Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt is also thankful no one was hurt, and is looking to the parents for help.

“If we don’t get parents to get involved in our children’s lives and make sure they know what they are doing, where they are, and what’s going on in their lives, we will continue to have this problem,” Husfelt said. 

Husfelt said things like this are happening all around the country, so it is crucial for parents and community members to secure their weapons. 

Chief Ramie said this case is still under investigation and more teens could be facing charges involving the burglaries.