LYNN HAVEN Fla. (WMBB) – Lynn Haven continues to grow and city officials want to make sure it is positive growth.

Commissioners discussed visual uniform aesthetic for the city, especially along the Highway 77 corridor. They have a specific direction in mind.

“This is the prime time for us to look at the aesthetics of Lynn Haven,” City Commissioner Brandon Aldridge said.

After Hurricane Michael three years ago, many buildings were damaged and torn down. Aldridge and the other city commissioners said this is the perfect time to look at how these buildings will be replaced.

“Really want to have something in place for our prosperity 15 to 20 years from now to say, you know what, those guys that were there in 2022 they had a lot of foresight and did a really good job,” Aldridge said.

During Tuesday’s workshop, before the commission meeting, Aldridge said he wants to create building guidelines.

“A red brick building here, a white stucco building here, and then two metal buildings here, and then another red building, that’s just a hodgepodge that doesn’t look good at all,” Aldridge said referring to how the city would look without any guidance.

He said naturally following current developments, like the new City Hall under construction, will allow for a more uniform look.

“If you look at north Georgia for example they go for a more mountainous woodsy look and they try to keep it aesthetically pleasing to the environment around it,” he said. “And I want to do the same thing here. A coastal bay looks to our city.”

Aldridge said he does not want a restrictive list of standards. He just wants to make Lynn Haven look more appealing. Older buildings will be grandfathered in once officials decide on a new look. 

After creating standards for Highway 77, commissioners said they will do the same for Highway 390.

They are planning to hold a workshop in March to gather opinions.