Lynn Haven neighborhood works to resolve flooding issues


LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — In one Lynn Haven neighborhood, the recent heavy rain is taking its toll; residents said it causes significant flooding every time there is a strong downpour, blocking access to parts of the neighborhood.

“The street is underwater this week five days out of seven,” said Cindy Shutt, a resident of The Landings off of Highway 390, and the treasurer of the neighborhood homeowners’ association.

On Tuesday, Shutt said the flooding has become a major issue, causing property damage, dangerous situations and an overall headache for residents. 

“I’ve waded out to the center of the road and it was thigh-deep,” she said. 

She added that because of that deep water, residents sometimes lose access to their homes, the entry and exitway into and out of the neighborhood, or even emergency services. 

Another resident in The Landings, Haskel Johnson, said it has caused damage to his yard as people try to navigate the water.

“They’ve also been forced to drive through our yard,” he said, adding that he’s had to replace sod in the yard due to tire tracks. Moreso, however, he said he is concerned for peoples’ safety.

“People are driving what they think is on the road but if a sinkhole was to develop, they could pretty much put themselves into a life or death situation,” Johnson said.

Shutt said the cause of the flooding is an overgrown drainage ditch they are working to get cleaned out, but due to its location near Nature Walk Golf Course, she said it’s been difficult.

“We need permission from Nature Walk Golf Course to get the equipment on their property,” Shutt said.

She said the equipment a contractor would need to clear the drainage ditch would be heavy machinery that would need to be driven on Nature Walk property, potentially destroying parts of the course and golf cart paths. She said the HOA would be willing to pay for the damages at this point to get the ditch cleaned out.

Shutt said so far, they have not been able to get the permission to move forward, but Nature Walk Club manager, Si Clemo, said he wants to work it out with the residents and organize a sit-down conversation to do so. He said he believes there may have been a miscommunication about the intentions and responsibilities of the clean-up effort, but hopes to clear up any confusion and resolve the issue with the residents. 

In the meantime, residents just want to get the flooding problem fixed.

“Something, engineering needs to happen because obviously the drains are getting overwhelmed,” Johnson said. “They used to work and now they don’t work. We need to get this resolved before we lose someone’s life.”

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