Lynn Haven City Manager Michael White was arrested just before midnight Saturday, March 16. 

According to the police report, White and his wife got into a dispute. His wife retreated to the bathroom and that’s when she says he entered and pointed a gun at her. Authorities say she feared for her life and called for help. 

On Sunday, the Lynn Haven City Commission called an emergency meeting to announce the matter to city employees and residents.

The commission deciding to place White on suspension with pay until the investigation is finished.

“I have conferred with the city attorney for his advice on what to say or what not to say just for the protection of the city and also for Mr. White. I mean everyone is innocent until proven guilty and these are allegations at this point,” said Mayor Margo Anderson.

Anderson also shared an idea for who should act as city manager until one can be found and after a heated debate, three commissioners thought otherwise.

Mayor Anderson said, “After Hurricane Michael, during the emergency I had been the head of the city for almost two months. I had suggested that perhaps for 48 hours, or maybe even 7-10 days, that they would allow that to happen again. Commissioner Russell was opposed to that. Commissioner Friend was opposed and Commissioner Barnes was opposed.”

Currently, Lynn Haven does not have an acting City Manager and will discuss the matter at their next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, march 19 at 4 :00 p.m.. The meeting will be held inside the Lynn Haven Elementary School Media Center.

The commission did not take public comment at the emergency meeting.

The investigation into the incident between White and his wife is ongoing through the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

If you missed the emergency meeting, you can watch News 13’s Facebook live of the entire meeting here.