Lynn Haven Commission Candidates Participate in Town Hall-Style Forum


Candidates seeking office in the city of Lynn Haven also gathered tonight.

The League of Women’s Voters hosted a town hall-style forum.

Candidates answered questions from a league panel, then opened it up to members of the audience.

They discussed the issues facing Lynn Haven and its recovery, including debris pickup, affordable housing, and how to attract high paying jobs to the area.

Following the recent arrest and then resignation of Lynn Haven city manager Michael White, there was a discussion on the role of a city manager and the amount of control they should have.

Top priority is the recovery that we’re dealing with. Recovery and the rebuild. Debt is another big issue that we’re going to have to tackle and deal with, which ties in with the recovery and the rebuild, said Brandon Aldridge, a candidate for Lynn Haven Commission Seat 1.

A platform tends to be things that are wrong. And that’s not a platform. My platform are things that can be right, said Dale Robitaille, a candidate for Lynn Haven Commission Seat 1.

This election is not just a platform of issues, but really who would represent you the right way in city hall. It is not who raises the most money or who does the most advertising to get elected. It is the person in whom you have the most trust in the end that counts, said Bob Schultz, a candidate for Lynn Haven Commission Seat 1, through a prepared statement due to circumstances not allowing him to be there.

I think we all need to come together to move this city forward, but it needs to be on a positive note. We need to get away from the past, get away from the negativity and move forward to get this city back on its feet, said Pam Hiller, a candidate for Lynn Haven Commission Seat 2.

I want to help rebuild this city. I want to help get our seniors back to the senior center, I want to get our kids back on the ball fields and the parks, said Pat Perno, a candidate for Lynn Haven Commission Seat 2.

The municipal election will be on April 16th, but early voting will be held from April 8th to the 12th.

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