Panama City, Fla.(WMBB)– Lynn Haven Bayou and Lake Huntington are both under raw sewage advisorys. 6,300 gallons of raw sewage entered Lake Huntington and at Lynn Haven Bayou 380,000 of raw sewage is overflowing.

Ralph Miller Department of Health Director in Bay County says Panama City is having a lot of runoffs, sewage backup, and flow out from other water sources problems.

“I have noticed over the past years large amounts of rain like we recently got, some places got 6 to 7 inches of rain. Obviously, that floods the streets out, floods the lift stations out, and then we have sewage spills,” said Miller.

The Florida Department of Health in Bay County advises against swimming in the Lynn Haven Bayou and Lake Huntington until clean-up actions have been completed. Swimming in the water, especially with any cuts or wounds can expose you to infection, parasites, food poisoning, and intestinal viruses.

Greg Kidwell Public Utilities Director City of Lynn Haven said the flooding happened because of the inflow of stormwater into the sewer collect system and the pipes are at capacity. This is why we see a lot of overflowing manholes.

“It has been quiet here lately, it takes a large rain event like this to impact us, the city is proactively trying to find the sources of stormwater into a sewer collect system,” said Kidwell.

Lynn Haven is using smoke testing in the gravity sewer systems to find any cracks or breaks in an open line to find where they need to address the pipes. Annual Lynn Haven Public annual uses 40,000 dollars to use smoke testing.

Kidwell is advising people who need to travel through Lynn Haven areas like Virginia Ave. Carolina and 12th St. to be cautious. The manholes overflowing through the neighborhoods could spill over into people’s homes.